Effective Social Media for your business

Large or small, businesses can make social media an effective part of their marketing. Customers are demanding a social presence and first impressions really do count. The role social media plays in the purchasing decision. According to Nielsens 2016 research, 66% of consumers will trust a stranger’s opinion online vs an advert.  Your social platform Read more about Effective Social Media for your business[…]

4 tips to connect on a human level online

Be Real. Four tips on getting your social pages to connect with people Social media is not just about sales, it should be about people – your customers! Why do you want to be closer to them? Creating relationships with customers is easier to do online than ever before.  By building real connections you will Read more about 4 tips to connect on a human level online[…]

In the news

Why storytelling is the way forward for marketers. 14 Jul 2017 12:00  |  Marketing Storytelling is an effective marketing tactic to reach consumers who are being bombarded with marketing messages every day. Cheryl Barnett, a speaker at the recent Mobile & Content Marketing Conference, believes every South African brand has something to gain from telling stories. Barnett Read more about In the news[…]