17 June 2017

What we do

as a digital & social media marketing consultancy.

Building integrated campaigns.
Enhancing above the line messaging to have a meaning online and generate results that has a measurable result for business. Working with small to large budgets

Generating digital content
Creating content that meets a business objective and is relevant to customers. Builds positive customer sentiment and adds value with content that is thumb stopping and emotive.

Always On
Ensure digital presence is maintained and generating results within budget restrictions and alleviating message fatigue with audiences.

Campaign creation and management
Generate campaigns around business objectives, brief creative elements and manage and optimise the campaign.

Social Media listening and audit
Community management and learning and engagement strategies.

Ecommerce loop closed
Influencing communication and the user journey to ensure a final transaction be it sales, or a lead via digital channels. Completing the digital experience from start to finish

Leveraging above the line activities
Events and activations are great when they happen but they only impact people who are there at the moment. The trick is making sure you share the event and activation online so that you spread the awareness and your efforts to those who were not there but still want to know and feel like they were there.

Training and skill enhancement
We’re able to empower staff to manage your day to day business online. This enable the business to be more flexible and agile.