Building brands and creating communities


Building brands and creating communities


What I do

as a digital & social media marketing consultant


Building integrated campaigns

Enhancing above the line messaging to have a meaning online and generate results that has a measurable result for business. Working with small to large budgets


Generating digital content

Creating content that meets a business objective and is relevant to customers. Builds positive customer sentiment and adds value with content that is thumb stopping and emotive.


Always on

Ensure digital presence is maintained and generating results within budget restrictions and alleviating message fatigue with audiences.


Campaign creation & management

Generate campaigns around business objectives, brief creative elements and manage and optimise the campaign.


Social Media listening and audit

Community management and learning and engagement strategies.

Leveraging events

Leveraging above the line activities

Events and activations are great when they happen but they only impact people who are there at the moment. The trick is making sure you share the event and activation online so that you spread the awareness and your efforts to those who were not there but still want to know and feel like they were there.


Training and skill enhancement

We’re able to empower staff to manage your day to day business online. This enable the business to be more flexible and agile.

Strategic, creative & most importantly... measurable.


$0c1@L – Cheryl Barnett – Chief Digital Enthusiast

It's about detail and tailored strategy

Small enough to care about the detail and experienced enough to give you a full agency experience without having to pay the exorbitant fees.

My objective is to deliver a digital strategy and content guide that will grow your base and ultimately increase conversions. Depending on the required outcome and target audiences the strategy will be tailor made to offer the optimum exposure to the most targeted base of potential customers.

Preferred partners

Meet some of our favourite people to work with

A multi-disciplinary digital agency that believes in the fusion of technology and beauty to derive and implement interactive experiences, that are measurable and really make a difference to the organisational goals.


Box Smart Media have a wide array of digital and print media publishers and opportunities to target very niche or broad markets. They have a media solution to match your audience and your budget.


An agile, performance led digital consultancy, dedicated to delivering solutions for business. The digital marketing team has worked with many of the top brands and agencies, specialising in content creation, content marketing, SEO, social media, web development, paid media and digital strategy.

Gone Digital

They’re more than simply arranging graphics on a page and placing a logo. It’s about messaging, personality, and visual appeal. It’s about speaking to the right people in their language and flying the brand flag high. It’s about psychology, human behaviour and the fine line between want and need.


WordPress Website development and SEO specialists, with over 120 satisfied customers and 16 years experience, you can trust their work.

Rodoyo Web Design


This is what people had to say.

Cheryl is great to work with and has a contagious passion and love for what she does and the brands she represents. She always provides excellent briefs and guides with constructive criticism. It is a joy working in a team with her.

Cheryl’s energy and enthusiasm is highly contagious. Her dedication to delivering quality on time, every time is commendable and makes her an absolute pleasure to work with.

Cheryl is at the top of her game when it comes to do with anything digital in marketing… having worked with her over the years she has always tackled issues with a strong mind and a big smile! I know she will succeed in whatever she does!

I have known Cheryl for many years and she is a pleasure to have around. Her bubbly personality is a presence in any environment. She has a great work ethic and often goes above and beyond. She believes in the brands that she works on and her passion for social media is evident. She can conceptualize, formulate strategies and roll out campaigns, on time and on budget with ease. A great asset to have on your digital team!

Cheryl’s incredible adaptability with potential clients has let her to excel in her ability to identify opportunities and gauge and manage risks. Her uncanny ability to know what the client wants before they tell her makes clients feel comfortable with her. Her flexibility also allows her to quickly switch tactics if clients changes their mind about something at the last minute. While at Comair, Cheryl managed to effectively meet deadlines, manage her client’s expectations, effectively kept track of budgets and adapting to- and creating copy to meet strategic objectives and changing tactical direction.

Making $0c1@l media work for you.

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