4 tips to connect on a human level online

Be Real. Four tips on getting your social pages to connect with people

Social media is not just about sales, it should be about people – your customers! Why do you want to be closer to them? Creating relationships with customers is easier to do online than ever before.  By building real connections you will reap the rewards of loyalty, invaluable brand research and an openness to try new things with your business.  Tips to build real connections with your customers:

  • Find common ground
    When you made friends on a playground – you had a common interest, the slide or the sand pit. Why else would you play together?
    To connect with your audiences, understand who they are and take a real interest in what they care about and who influences them. You have your brand in common. Start with the emotional benefit your business adds.
  • Start the conversation
    Encourage conversation, be bold and ask those questions. Ask them for the information you seek the most, use polls and voting opportunities. This will give valuable insights to improving your business and giving customers what they want. People want to share and love to talk about themselves, encourage it. They connect emotionally to the brand if they can share their stories with you.
  • Be Real
    Yes, your brand has a CI and certain brand presence make that a human one online. No one ever falls in love with a Company mission statement. If your brand was a human – who would it be? Use a light and likeable character online to build a strong connection.
  • Be in the moment
    I’m still astounded by people who schedule posts and walk away. If you start a conversation be online to have the conversation. It’s just rude to not be there. Not all of us can be online 24/ 7, manage those expectations online so your community knows. We are all human after all.



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