4 Reasons why SEO should form part of your strategy upfront.

We live in a digital world, so it would then make sense to make SEO, Search Engine Optimisation as one of the steps when creating a Strategy. It plays a vital role in making sure your customers find you. Why then do so many businesses leave SEO until the very end and ask, “But why am I not on page one?”

There are over 4 billion searches on Google a month (Smart Insights, 20117). The reality is that 81% of shoppers conduct research online before making a purchase and 93% of online experience starts with a search engine. Making sure you rank and are reachable should be step one in any business.

SEO is not a once off exercise you think of at the end, you should start with it and make it an important update at least every quarter, just like stock taking or service reviews.

  • Organic SEO is a low cost to the business
    As your site content matures it is indexed by search engines and backlinks are created to relevant content. You will gain authority on the topic, generating more organic traffic and potential leads.
  • Instant credibility to the brand
    Google filters have strict guidelines to enhance its algorithm, a huge reason why customers trust the search suggestions given when looking for a service provider. This automatically gives your business credibility over your competitors.
  • Data that adds value to lead generation
    Google analytics is a treasure chest of valuable data that can help you target customers better and generate leads easier.
  • Good results does not have to be expensive
    With consistent and effective SEO your business does not have to pay a fortune to be on top. Your efforts from the start will dictate your growth and never set you back. Using a professional ensures you stay abreast of the changes and keep your top ranking. By being consistent your costs drop but your efforts will outweigh your competitors always trying to play catch up.


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