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It was a Great privilege to be invited to share my thoughts amongst these awesome colleagues.
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Cheryl Barnett’s pick

The Media Online: Hang on for the ride: Why mobile marketing is the most exciting thing in 2018

It still surprises me how many businesses have not considered their mobile Cheryl Barnettpresence as an important part of their strategy, with an impressive 74% of the 40m local browsers in December coming from mobile devices, according to Effective Measure’s “South Africa Online” report. There are effective ways to make thumb-stopping content using programmatic native video and live content, virtual reality and 360-degree video. A brand can ensure its message is read when it’s most convenient for the audience.

I feel mobile-first is a vital step to bear in mind when you are working on any communication plan regardless of the industry.

— Cheryl Barnett (@CherylABarnett) is chief digital enthusiast at $0c1@L Consultancy

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