5 Ways to improve your Social Media engagement.

Here are a few tips and tricks to increasing your engagement on social media channels.

  1. Film it and share it 
    Statistics show that the users of the most popular social media channels Facebook and Twitter view a lot of video content every single day.
  2. Tag the people involved
    Show your appreciation to contributors or partners. You can even reach out to a specific influencer to help you be seen
  3. Speak, when spoken to 
    If someone comments, reply to it. That is what engagement is all about a two-way conversation. Unless it’s a negative comment, then we go into Crisis Comms mode. That is another topic on its own.
  4. Use your Stats
    Every platform has the answers you need in their analytics. Schedule your messaging when the most people are online and engaging with you. Giving yourself a higher chance to be seen.
  5. Show your heart 
    Emotional and authentic posts get the higher engagement. Make sure your image reflects this too. Say no to stock images. The ‘How to’, ‘Lists’, and the ‘Question – answer’ headlines are the best for getting social media fans.

Social Media is not a quick win, its a commitment to get to know your customers better and building trust does not happen overnight in one post. It can, however, be destroyed in one.


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