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“Our site does not sell, we do” That’s what I got from a salesperson recently when I asked them how we, Marketing – can be of assistance. It shocked me to see how short-sighted this was in the digital age that we live in.

Content can help the sale, it by no means replaces face to face engagement. So, no need to be intimidated.

Here are a few steps to remember when creating content that makes a valuable contribution to the overall objective – Revenue generation.

Involve the sales team

Before any content is created, know who you are writing for. Your sales team knows your target audience the best, what their pain points are, what their objectives and challenges are. Working together with Sales, valuable insights can be revealed. These are then translated into your topics and content – Voila -Content your target audience wants to read and gains value from!  Starting the conversation is your first stumbling block.

Tip: Ask to sit in on sales meeting or invite salespeople to the editorial meetings.

At some stage, you need to talk product

Engaging, educating and romancing the customer play vital roles in the sales funnel but at some stage, your customer will want to know the product facts. Prepare a case study / white paper or Infographic that clearly describes your product, cost, benefits and solutions. Remember, if your prospect is so far along in the pipe they’re probably actively comparing options in preparation to commit, ensure your content explains why your solution will help them the most.

Keep the content coming

Even after the deal is closed, keep the persuasive content coming. It’s the sales team’s job to send over supportive content to “grease the wheels”. Content pieces like project proposals, internal presentation decks, and tutorial demos all work well. When done right, your sales enablement content should communicate that your brand understands a client’s problems and has developed a unique path to solving them.

Hope this point of view helps you become a true conversion partner with the sales team.
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