Do you follow the 80/20 Content rule?

Social Content must be social. Focus 80% of your content on education, entertainment and information. Only 20% on sales and services. That’s the most effective way to build an engaged audience. Contact us,  to create a Content strategy that speaks to your audience.

Engaging content for Social Media

5 Ways to improve your Social Media engagement.

Here are a few tips and tricks to increasing your engagement on social media channels. Film it and share it  Statistics show that the users of the most popular social media channels Facebook and Twitter view a lot of video content every single day. Tag the people involved Show your appreciation to contributors or partners. Read more about 5 Ways to improve your Social Media engagement.[…]

The 4 E’s of Marketing

Is your content, tone and strategy talking to any of these? Make sure you create content and strategies that will encourage engagement, create an experience that customers want to be a part of. Let your brand generate a feeling of exclusivity and talk to the emotional elements of storytelling. Contact us to get started

Customer Experience and Digital Innovation – the perfect partnership

The traditional way of thinking of customer experience is outdated. It’s no longer just about having friendly front staff and elaborate customer events. There is a new relationship on the horizon and it’s blossoming to be something beautiful! By combining digital marketing, Big data and smart segmenting of markets, a business can be a lot Read more about Customer Experience and Digital Innovation – the perfect partnership[…]

A Mompreneur!

I met a great blogger, Nadia and we had a morning of chatting and networking. We all just out there to do the best and I’m proud to be called a Mompreneur. Thank you for the kind words – Read more